A Nuclear Weapon Detonated in China

I was flying in a spy plane over China. I could see an enormous city sprawled out, maybe 10 to 20 million people. There was a large river that cut through the middle. I knew that the country had become divided. An insurgency had revolted against the government. To squash the insurgency, the government detonated a small nuclear weapon on the eastern part of the city. I watched the flash and pillar of light rise into the sky, an orange mushroom cloud spread into the upper atmosphere, and a fog of grey dust and smoke spread out across the ground, consuming buildings and people in its path. I dropped lower to the ground souring across the building tops. Most were apartment buildings, maybe four to five stories in height. I could see children running frantically in the streets, the ground shaking like a violent earthquake. I then found myself flying down the middle of a street, and as I looked back, I could see a small bird fluttering up and down trying to avoid a collision with a small delivery truck. The bird fluttered across the front windshield, up and over the top of the truck, then continued fluttering down the street.