A Radioactive "Dirty" Bomb

I was walking towards a university located in the heart of what appeared to be a European or older American city. The sky was darkening, and there were many grey clouds. The buildings were three or maybe four stories in height with beautiful architectural detail. Surrounding the university were buildings constructed side-by-side like old row houses. I felt a sense of danger as I approached. Not knowing what to do or where to go, I asked God for guidance.

Suddenly, I felt my right arm lifted like a Father would hold a child. I was guided several blocks away to the end of a street surrounded by nicely constructed row houses. There were shops on the lower level and apartments above. Looking to fill some time, I walked into a Persian rug store. Behind the counter was an Iranian looking man. He noticed me but didn’t say anything. I walked around the store looking at beautiful window fabrics and rugs. I looked through the window and was able to look several blocks back towards the university. I could see crowds dispersing, and I could see others frantically looking for something. I realized that a bomb had been planted nearby. I could see backhoes digging up the pavement, excavating to find the explosives. The sky became very dark.

The Iranian man came over to the window to look at the activities. I told him we needed to take cover because a bomb would be going off. He stood there mesmerized. I stayed there with him, looking with intensifying anxiety because I was aware of the exact time for the detonation. I was expecting a very large blast, but to my surprise, the explosion was much smaller. I couldn’t even feel the blast. The center of the bomb created a white flash and sent beautiful streams of blue and red particles into the air. They began cascading down like a fountain. Again, I told the man to take cover, but he became completely hypnotized. I hunched down into a corner to take cover. I could see the red and blue particles cascading through the roof of the building. They were not physically damaging the structure, but I knew they were dangerous.

I was thinking about what kind of bomb would create such a small explosion yet send a cascade of potentially harmful particles into the air. I remembered a program on PBS about six months ago where they described what would happen if someone created a “dirty” bomb, essentially, a small package of high-powered plastic explosives packed with radioactive Plutonium. The bomb would likely kill those within proximity to blast but could render several square miles of a city uninhabitable, depending on wind direction and velocity. People within this fallout zone would not immediately die but could become severely ill several years or even decades later, such things as cancer and birth defects. In the dream, God held my hand and led me away from this place.

Isa 41:13 For I am the LORD your God, who upholds your right hand, Who says to you, Do not fear, I will help you.