Orthodox Jews Restricting Access to Israel

I was driving with my wife on the road heading to Israel, specifically Jerusalem when I came to a checkpoint that restricted access for non-Jewish people. It was a peculiar looking checkpoint comprised of Jewish Orthodox men that formed tunnels for each lane of traffic. As I moved closer, I could see rows of seated young boys facing the inside of the tunnels. They wore black skull caps, white shirts, and black vests. I could see their long sidelocks (pe’ot) framing their snarling, angry faces. From a distance, the boys looked like shark teeth and entering the tunnel stirred up emotions of anxiety and fear. I was worried that did not have the proper “Jewish” identity information to pass the checkpoint. I pulled out my Israeli passport, and we effortlessly passed through the checkpoint. On the other side, I immediately came to the Jerusalem Chords Bridge (which represents King David’s harp) situated at the westerly entrance to Jerusalem. I stared at the clean and perfectly cut Jerusalem stone under my feet and marveled at the beauty of the entire city.

Four Dates in the Sky

I looked up at the sky and saw four dates inscribed into the clouds as if a finger were writing them. The dates were given using the Gregorian calendar. One of the dates appeared to be in December. However, I could not tell what day or year. I also could not see the other three dates. I knew in my spirit these dates were important for the church to be aware of. Then the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me at said, “These dates represent four significant biblical prophesies that will occur in the earth before my return.” I knew that one of the dates was the rapture of the church. Excitedly I ran and began proclaiming, “We’ve got it, we know the time of the rapture.” Of course, I knew that no man could know the day or the hour, but I felt confident the Lord had revealed the season of His imminent return.

The Sky Turns Black

I was in an apartment building looking out over a city. The sky was bright blue, and there were a few scattered clouds here and there. Below was a road that was undergoing construction. The men were digging down into the earth, placing temporary retaining walls on both sides to hold back the earth. The men began to encounter groundwater, and then there appeared to be a torrent of water coming from the southerly direction. The men feverishly constructed coffer dams within the deep trench to hold back the water, trying to keep the channel from flooding. I could see the water lapping over the top of the cofferdam. As the waters rose, the men continued to build up the cofferdam.

Divine Unity Within the Church

What does true divine unity look like within the church? That was the question I was teaching (in my dream) to a small group of people when I immediately heard the answer in my spirit. As I listened to the voice of the Lord, I shared this parable: Imagine yourself stranded in the middle of a parched desert with no water in sight. You would find yourself dehydrated and near death. This is the present condition of the church. Then the Lord would begin to pour out His droplets of rain to quench the land. This is what divine unity looks like to Him, for it unleashes His commanded blessing, as it is written, “It is like the dew of Hermon, Descending upon the mountains of Zion; For there the Lord commanded the blessing—Life forevermore” (Psalm 133:3).

Analysis of the Church

I was in a room with a small number of people. The Lord was asking questions of us, looking to see who could answer correctly. No one could answer. I thought deeply about the questions. At first, they seemed very confusing, like riddles. For example, several of the questions were: “What is a double hitter, or what is a front door greeter?” Suddenly, I began to understand the questions. They were about how pastors conduct their Sunday morning services. The “double hitter” is a pastor who is very good at delivering two, very good back-to-back sermons, and the “front door greeter” is a pastor who loves to welcome people into his church. What the Lord showed me is that he has created His pastors to be good at some things, but not everything. And unfortunately, many congregants place too high of an expectation on our pastors, driving many of them out of ministry. The office of pastor is a gift to the body of Christ, and we ought to begin recognizing this and thanking the Lord for His gifts.

The Inauguration is a Charade

l was walking into Washington, D.C. to observe the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump. I was curious to see what was going on. It was early in the morning on the day before the inauguration, and many people were already arriving early to find a good viewing spot. As I walked passed buildings and parking lots, pressing my way towards the U.S. Capitol, there were camps of people occupying rows of parking spaces. Many were entire families sleeping outside, even setting up small living quarters. All were covered with purple tarps. I eventually worked my way into some buildings, wandering through several meeting halls. People were finding their seats to view the inauguration on large video screens. Outside the buildings and in the streets and foyers, people were dressed up and celebrating. It felt like a carnival or a circus.

The United States Torn in Two

The Lord gave me this dream about our nation. In it, I was sitting at a desk in what appeared to be a library. The Lord spoke to me in His gentle voice and said, “Sit and write the things I will show you that are to come.” I could see our nation torn in two. We had somehow become like two separate countries. The dividing line seemed to be along the Mississippi River. The western part of the U.S. was in chaos and anarchy, with vigilante and militia armies roaming everywhere trying to defend their communities. The eastern part of the U.S. was also deeply shaken but starting to slowly recover. I then heard the Lord speak to me and say, “I will preserve a remnant of this nation for my glory, but the half I will turn over to destruction in judgment for their sin.”

Compassion for Israel's Enemies

I saw a highway through a desert in the middle-east leading up towards Israel. An Arab man was driving a red fuel tanker truck towards the border at great speed. The man wanted to destroy the land. At the border on both sides of the highway were two large machine gun turrets. They were constructed of dark grey tubular steel in a space-frame configuration. The machine guns immediately turned towards the truck and fired in rapid succession destroying the vehicle. I then saw two, possibly different Arab men laying on the side of the highway. They were dressed like terrorists and were holding machine guns. One man appeared to be already dead, but the other was wounded in the legs. The man then lit a cigar and tried to smoke it. The machine guns continued to fire at the man until he also was dead. As the bullets ripped through his body, I could feel only tears of compassion for the man. Though he was an enemy of Israel, I felt God’s heart torn for His word says, “As I live,’ says the Lord God, ‘I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live. Turn, turn from your evil ways!” (Ezekiel 33:11). I awoke and began to pray for Israel’s enemies.

Nuclear War

I was driving in a car with an older prophetic woman who is a good friend of mine. She was sitting in the passenger’s seat. It was a one-lane dirt road with two-wheel ruts. We were heading westbound through a desert-like landscape; dry and parched. The road suddenly dropped out beneath and like on a roller coaster we plunged down the steep gradient and then gently swooped out onto the plain in front of us. I could feel the sensation in my stomach, a combination of both fear and excitement for the unknown that lay ahead. Immediately, the landscape was thrust into complete darkness. I could see people scurrying around; panicked and holding survival elements in their hands. Just a few things they were able to grab in the moments after the nuclear devastation hit their cities to the west, primarily San Francisco. They looked at us with desperation; “can you help us?” was written all over their faces.

Shaking is Coming to America

I was standing inside a tall rectangular building, maybe somewhere near the upper floors. The building was made from dark grey granite and had dark tinted windows. It was embedded into a much higher granite mountain of the same color as the building. The granite mountain seemed to project almost vertically out of the earth. The sky was dark, and all the surrounding areas were cloaked in darkness. I felt an earthquake shake the building, but there was no damage. I ran down to the first level in hopes of escaping the building when I heard in my spirit that a Tsunami was coming from the west. People were panicking and running in all different directions. There was no place to hide or find shelter from the coming earthquake or Tsunami. Suddenly, a smaller round building arose next to the rectangular one; maybe two-thirds its height. It was also made from dark grey granite but had no windows except at the top floor where I found myself perched in a chair looking out across the landscape. I felt like I was sitting in a gunner turret; a slotted window that faced west and encircled about 180-degrees of the building. In this place I felt safe, protected by the Lord from the shaking and flooding.

Our Nation Escapes a Crash

I was in an airplane flying north through what appeared to be Colorado. Looking outside the aircraft window to the west I could see a beautiful mountain. It had a sharp peak and at least three massive rocks protruding from near its summit. I stared and marveled at its beauty. All the other windows on the plane were dark. The pilot was having difficulty controlling the plane and we were in a rapid descent flying through what appeared to be a dark trough in the earth. The plane could not escape, and we were going to crash at a sudden rise in the trough. After a very quick maneuver by the pilot, he cleared the rise and continued the descent within the trough. As the plane came over the rise the right foot of the pilot kicked lose a boulder that had been lodged near the top. The boulder was spinning down the trough underneath the aircraft. We had gained a slight altitude but were still in a rapid descent. The pilot’s foot was bleeding badly from having kicked the boulder. I knew that we had barely cleared this hurdle and that difficulties still lay ahead. The dream ended.

Freeing the Captives from Bondage

I was looking into a room through a wide glass window, like something you might see at a police station for a lineup; a one-way mirror where I could see in, but they could not see out. Along the far wall were young women engaged in prostitution and other sexually immoral behavior. Their appearance looked disgusting to me. Then one of the women was standing beside me. She tried to entice me into her behavior, but I was repulsed in my spirit. I began to feel compassion towards her condition, held her by the wrist and spoke to her about the redeeming power of Jesus. She was listening and beginning to receive the words I was giving her.

A Mountain Built by Man

I was with a man whom I work for. He is a person of great authority; kind in spirit and very hard working. He showed me a piece of property on a mountain upon which he would build a dream home, a place to retire. I looked up at the mountain and it was called Mount Rainier, the same volcanic mountain situated southeast of Seattle, Washington. But the mountain looked different. The lower portion looked like any other mountain, but the top third was built of geometric cubes. A road led part way up the mountain with a stream of people ascending. I looked up towards the property he wished to purchase. It was very steep, and I pointed out how difficult and expensive it would be construct on. He said he paid $500,000 for the property. Given its perilous location, I felt he might have overpaid. A real estate agent who appeared in the dream agreed with me.

Jerusalem — A Very Heavy Stone

I was standing in what appeared to be a county fairgrounds. In front of me was a long wooden building with wooden barn doors where they held farm animals. There were Christian men and women inside, and also those of the enemy; tares as we know them in the bible. The Christians were in close conversation with the enemy, standing in small groups and courting them in a dangerous relationship. I began tossing hand grenades in rapid succession into the building, guiding them towards where the enemy was standing. The Christians who were close to the enemy were being blown up with them. I did this for a short while until I could see a stream of Christians fleeing the building, running in panic with shell shocked looks on their faces. I saw an older woman running with a pistol her hand; her face contorted looking completely dazed about what had happened to her. I knew that the enemy was creating division over the land of Israel, especially Jerusalem. I felt pity for these Christians and ran after them explaining how if they loved and supported the Jewish people, they, in turn, would be willing to give them a portion of the land as an inheritance.

Rescuing a Woman from Sex Trafficking

I saw a young brown haired and brown eyed woman committing sexual acts with a man. I then saw the face of a different middle-eastern man mocking her verbally in Arabic and English and mocking her in writing saying that he held full control of the woman and had bound her into sexual slavery. The woman was also in a relationship with a ministerial friend of mine who was unaware of her condition. The woman was now fully dressed. I approached her, and she asked me if she should tell my friend about the situation. I said: “not necessarily unless he fully understands that you have been held as a sex trafficking victim.” I then took the woman by the hand to lead her to safety. I knew the enemy was following us and I felt an urgency to escape the area. Two roads were leading out; one to the right which snaked into some near-distant hills and then ended in a confusion of dead-end streets, and the other was a straight highway that went to the left and provided a safe route of escape.